4 thoughts on “Coloquinte report and presentation”

  1. Nice work. Thanks for posting this.

    Btw, have you considered working on P&R for FPGAs? There appears to be quite a bit of excitement around the open-source toolchain (yosys + arachne-pnr + icepack) for the Lattice FPGAs these days.

    1. Hi,

      Day-to-day, I work on the Zebu emulator at Synopsys – not directly for FPGAs, but it’s still mostly P&R.

      I have been following Yosys for a while – it’s really amazing ! – but I had never heard of arachne-pnr until now. Thanks for pointing it out! I continue working on side projects (mostly toying around), and arachne-pnr is definitely tempting as a long term involvement.

  2. Hello,
    I’m evaluating several placement and routing tools for my research and I’m very interested in your work in Coloquinte. But I’m not sure I understand all of the expected inputs.
    It seems to expect the x and y position of every cell and pin. How do we determine this before placement? I tried putting an initial placement of (0,0) for every cell but it crashes.
    Also, every pin is associated with a cell index. Does this mean that we are not entering any information about I/O pins?

    1. Hi again Veronia,
      Sorry for the delay, I don’t update the blog very often. I hope my earlier reply on researchgate helped! Let’s continue discussing by email if there are more issues

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